ASME U-Stamp

Sweco Fab, Inc. holds the ASME U-Stamp which gives us the ability to manufacture and work on unfired pressure vessels. Sweco acquired the ASME U-stamp in 1962 and has maintained it throughout the regular audits. The U-Stamp represents ASME’s Section VIII Division 1; rules for the construction of pressure vessels. In order to obtain the U-Stamp, Sweco Fab was required to meet ASME’s guidelines for the design, fabrication, inspection, and testing of Pressure Vessels. In order to maintain the U-stamp, we regularly update our procedures and fabrication processes while undergoing routine examinations and inspections. Sweco Fab, Inc. also has the R-Stamp, authorizing us to do alterations and repairs to pressure vessels in our facility or on the field site.

Pressure vessel 2