Pig Launchers & Receivers

Pig Launchers and Receivers are installed in pipelines to launch and receive Pipeline Pigs. Pigs can be used for the cleaning of pipelines. In addition, Pigs can be used for the separation of two products within the same pipeline. Sweco Fab has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of ASME/Misc. Fabricated Products – including Pig Launchers and Receivers.

1. Sweco Fab fabricates these pig launchers and receivers per ASME Code B31.4 and B31.8

2. Major and minor barrels can be supplied both in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, including API 5L X42 to X65 pipes. Barrel sizes range from 4” x 6” 150# rating up to 48” x 54” 900# rating.

3. NDE (Non-destructive exams) like X-ray, Dye Pen aka Liquid penetrant test, PWHT, Hardness test, PMI and Hydro-test with chart recorders (if required) are performed prior to shipment.

Pig receiver application

Pig receiver drawing

Pig launcher application

Pig launcher drawing

Rfq datasheet pig launcher receiver Please refer to the RFQ datasheet PDF.

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Pig Launcher and Receiver with GD Closure

The three pig launchers measure 127″, 172″, and 189″ in length and are designed for 263 PSIG at 185ºF. The pipe diameters of each unit measure 10″, 18″, and 20″, respectively. Two of the pig launchers/receivers are fabricated from carbon steel and one from stainless steel. All of the launchers/receivers were hydro-tested to ensure product quality.

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Pig Launchers and Receivers

These pig launchers were manufactured from carbon steel. They have a 16 major barrel, 12 minor barrel and measured 121 long. The pig launchers and receivers are used for cleaning piping systems. In addition, the pig launchers and receivers were designed for pressures of 512 PSIG at 100F. Hydro-tests were performed at 666 PSIG and x-ray tests were completed to ensure quality performance.

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Pig Launchers and Receivers with Safety Locking System

The pig launchers and receivers were designed for a coal-bed methane gas production facility in Colorado. They are equipped with an integral safety locking system which works on the principle of mechanical key interlocking (transfer of keys). This system avoids serious injuries from human error and insures safety of personnel.

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High Pressure Pig Launcher and Receiver

Materials: API5LX52 Pipe
Design Pressure: 671 PSIG
Design Temperature: 175°F
Design Code: B31.8
Design Factor: 0.6

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