Pressure Vessels & Storage Tanks (ASME Code)

Sweco Fab, Inc., designs and fabricates different kinds of pressure vessels per ASME Sec. VIII, Div. I, and welded steel tanks per API codes.

Sweco Fab has been fabricating multiple types of pressure vessels for the past 25 years in accordance with ASME Sec. VIII, Div 1 (Latest edition) and welded steel tanks per API 650 and 12F codes. Sweco Fab had fabricated vessels that fulfilled specifically to each customer’s requirements and will continue doing so in the future.

Sweco Fab can fabricate pressure vessels made out of Carbon Steel (including Low Temp CS A350 LF2), Stainless Steel (304/L or 316/L) and Cr-Mo Grade 5 (A387 Grade 5). The sizes ranges from 6″ OD to 110″ OD with vessel thickness up to 2″ thick. Our shop can accommodate vessel weights up to 40,000 lbs (20 tons) max.

We have certified welders, pipe-fitters and QC inspectors plus credible subcontractors to satisfy NDE requirements (X-ray, Dye Pen, PMI, Hardness and PWHT) per project specifications. Yearly training and refreshers are conducted in accordance to ISO 9001 Standard.

Sweco Fab has currently both ASME “U” Stamp and “R” Stamp authorized by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


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60" Carbon Steel Air Receiver Tank

Sweco Fab, Inc. recently fabricated an Air Receiver Tank for a Manufacturing Facility in Alabama. This 5,400 lbs tank measured 60″ 143″ tangent to tangent and was designed for 170 PSIG and 200 F. It was fabricated from SA516-70 carbon steel. The interior and exterior were painted with standard epoxy paint to provide an interior lining and exterior protection. The tank was hydro tested at 221 PSIG to ensure product quality.

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48" Pressure Vessel (Process Feed Tank)

This pressure vessel is manufactured from carbon steel SA516-70. Its diameter is 48 by 96 tangent to tangent and weighs 2,140 lbs. The pressure vessel is used as a process feed tank and was painted for rust resistance. In addition, the vessel was designed for pressures at 15 PSIG and temperatures at 86F. Hydro-tests were conducted at 20 PSIG and x-ray tests were completed to ensure quality performance.

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26" Hot Water Expansion Tank

26″ Hot Water Expansion Tank
– Material: .25″ Thick Carbon Steel
– Design Pressure: 50 PSIG
– Design Temperature: 200 F
– Capacity: 170 Gallons

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48" ASME Code Process Vessel for Replacement of a 20 Year old Vessel

This process vessel has an inside diameter of 48″ and measures 60″ tangent to tangent. The overall height of this vessel is 81″, and measures 120″ including the legs. It is fabricated from 1/2″ 516-70 carbon steel material. This vessel is designed and fabricated according to ASME Section VIII Div 1 codes. It has a capacity of 500 gallons with an internal design pressure of 50 PSIG.

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48" High Pressure Knock-out Drum

This high pressure knock-out drum has a 2.5″ thick shell fabricated from ASTM SA516 Grade 70, and a SA105 and SA350 carbon steel flange. The drum has a 48″ diameter, a total length of 15’8″ and weighs over 23,000 lb. It underwent a hydro-test and design test per ASME section VIII-1 “U” stamp vessel prior to shipment.

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48" Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel

– Diameter: 48″ O.D.
– Capacity: 1,100 Gallons
– Material Fabricated From: Carbon Steel
– Design Temperature & Pressure: 285 PSIG at 100ºF
– Testing: Hydro-Tested and held for 1/2 hour at 428 PSIG

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